Saturday, February 28, 2009

Area 52 Progression pt. 2

After I made some concept sketches for myself, I started work in Unreal 2004. I hadn't used the engine for over a year - since we made Anteup (see my website for screens) - so I started with just reaquainting myself with the engine. This didn't take too long, thankfully.

I started out with the main building shape and catwalk system. Then I went and got the doors and central area made with the jump pads and tubes and ramps on the sides. Movers and triggers were also completed. Everything right now is made with brushes from Unreal.

As I continued, I began to change the level a little bit. Instead of having the central tube completely broken off, I increased its height all the way to the ceiling and added support pillars to increase the amount of cover in the level. The central tube will now have two entrances on the top and ground levels. The two Domination points and capture screens were set up and I started to create my own models in 3ds Max and placing them as well (ie - the catwalk).

Here I replaced the temporary ramp I made in Unreal with the one I created in Max. More cover was added with the five boxes shown, which are incubation chambers. An entrance to the Domination point was also added on the lower level.

I fleshed out the six tubes a bit more, making the one look like the jump pad I had in the concept art.

I also added more tubes in another section of the laboratory and made a jump pad there as well. This gives players five ways total to get to the Domination points on either side. The door you see on the upper level on the left is a hidden door. Remember the Library level in Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64? I added in this door based on the hidden doors in the walls in that game. Players can either hide in here or use the hallway inside it as a shortcut to the other side of the map, without having to going through the open. At this point, the majority of the meshes in the level are still created with brushes in Unreal.

The next post will show how the level has changed after my own Max models and lighting are included.

- VashTS

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