Sunday, March 1, 2009

Area 52 Progression pt. 3

Not too much to say on these screens. All of the models now are either created by myself or can be found in the Unreal packs. The overhead lights I took from the Anteup level we had made previously. Besides that, if a model has a texture on it instead of bubble-wrap, it's from Unreal. The rest are mine and were created specifically for this level. The first two screens just show the difference lighting will make to a level. The last image is of the computer room.

The next post in this series will be of the level textured. Jessie Brueske is creating the textures for me. Adam Bergstrom has designed, modeled, and textured the aliens which will be placed in the tubes. Please visit their blogs and portfolios. A link to their blogs can be found on the right side of mine. Their portfolio sites can be found here:

- VashTS

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