Thursday, January 14, 2010

Almost There

The Holidays (November through now) always cause me to slip when I'm at home due to family coming, college friends home, and other trips. I won tickets for the Vikings vs. Giants game on January 3rd and that game was well worth the trip. I had also gone up to the Cities just before Christmas to see Beauty and the Beast with a friend.

Now that things are back to normal, my full focus is on completing my Zelda game. All the levels have been completed except for the final one. I am concepting the layout for that right now and will definitely have it finished by next Friday if not sooner. Level 7's layout gave me a few gripes due to passageways so I'm expecting the same for Level 9.

I also completed two side-quests. One is to obtain the Magical Key and the other is to get the Red Ring. With the Magical Key's dungeon I implemented several techniques that Link will have to use in the forthcoming dungeons so that the player will have a sense of what it to come. For the Red Ring's dungeon I put in several creatures that I was not able to use in the main game (the Death Knight, for example). There were either multiple copies of these creatures or they were just hard as hell to beat so I put them in here. The game is available for download at my website in its current stage of development.

The levels are all different colors even though they don't look it in the pictures. Level 9's layout is a cross between its layout in the 1st and 2nd Quest. Here are the layouts for the rest of the completed levels:

Level 2 - Hourglass
Level 4 - Ramiel
Level 5 - Octorok
Level 6 - Cross
Level 7 - Dragon
Level 8 - Tree
Level K
Trial Chamber