Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Demo v.2.0 Complete

Multiplayer scripting is complete for ArkanPong which means the demo now gets bumped up to version 2.0.  I had to create several new scripts specifically for the multiplayer aspect since before things like score, health, and level incrementation were a part of another script.  Having the same thing four times didn't make sense and in some cases quadrupled the results.

Pretty much all the bugs or hiccups in the game were very easy to figure out, though, and didn't take long to put in place.  The hardest part was the color system of the paddles.  Since there are now up to four balls on the field that will break bricks, send power ups a certain way, and kill the other players, I made each a different color.  I also made the player paddles the same color to coordinate whose was whose.  However, in the script for Player Three there seemed to be an error.  All the paddles, if they obtain the Shooting Power Up, turn yellow.  After it has been used for a certain amount of time, they return to their original color.  Player Three's original color is green.  However, for some reason it looked like Player Three was constantly yellow and I couldn't figure out why.  Player Four had also turned for some reason so I had put in lines of code at the start of each level to make sure it was cyan.  I tried doing this with Player Three, telling it to be green, but it wasn't working.  So instead, I tried creating new materials for the paddles rather than scripting the color change and that's when I found out the issue:  Unity's green looks yellow to me.  I had been using a darker shade of green for the paddle rather than "pure green" and forgot.  Color-blindness strikes again.  So making the new materials was actually beneficial so I could just say use that material rather than saying in the script make it a certain color.

I also changed a minor issue in the single player campaign - the Reverse Power Up was getting called too many times.  I had increased the chances of it appearing for testing purposes and never changed it back before the last release.  I have now.

Each multiplayer match has three rounds.  Each round starts with the same level as a callback to the original Breakout/Arkanoid games.  As in 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?,' the points don't matter.  Players will accumulate points by destroying the bricks and spheres and you can see who had the most each round but they do not affect who the winner is at this moment.  They may later, though.

I'm also thinking about possibly adding in a feature where the balls will change "possession" based on who touches them.  Not sure if it will work well but it's something I had though of when I first started.

Enjoy the game demo and have a Happy New Year!