Friday, February 27, 2009

Area 52 Progression pt. 1

Area 52 is my Capstone project. It is a Double Domination match created with the Unreal 2004 Engine. Area 52 is a secret government base - even more secret than Area 51 - in which research is done on different alien species. Unlike Area 51 where they just try to understand different aliens and their technology, Area 52 experiments with different species, DNA splicing, and other tests that would most likely be deemed inhumane and illegal. One of the aliens the laboratory was testing with broke loose and began to wreck the site.

Each of these parts will display how work on this level has progressed. Today will be some basic concept art:

This was the level layout I designed. The two Domination points are on either side of the map in two rooms on the upper floor. Switches are scattered throughout the level that will close doors on these points to help a team either offensively or defensively. There are also switches that will activate a door that holds the Redeemer.

This is the computer room, which is at the bottom center of the level on the second floor. Several of the switches are in this room and the monitors will display the action in the central area.

This is in the middle of the laboratory - the tube that held the alien which broke loose. The plexiglass underneath is where the Redeemer is held. The air bubbles that are still coming out of the tube will allow a player to fly up to the second floor.

In the bottom-left corner of the lab are six tubes which are used to hold some of the aliens. One of the tubes is shattered, allowing players to use its air bubbles to jump to the second floor.

Tune in tomorrow to see the beginning of the stub level progression.

- VashTS

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