Friday, November 11, 2011

New Game in Works

Since the end of September I have been in the process of creating my next game.  The initial drafts of the Game Design Document and Script have been completed for some time and I am working on the skeleton of the game right now (I'm going to call it pre-production work - menu systems, controls, and basic gameplay). 

The game is called Zeit-Meisters: Earth Strike.  It is a top-down shooter in the veins of Raiden and Ikaruga.  I am using the Unity engine to create it.  Seeing as I am a Game/ Level Designer and not a programmer or artist, I am looking for some people to help in the development cycle.  I already have a programmer on board and possible composer when the time comes.  I still need a modeler and texture artist.  These are the basic requirements I am looking for:

- Modeler:  Must have strong drawing skills in the areas of characters (with lean towards anime style), vehicles, and environment.  Must know their way around modeling software.  If they have the professional version of either 3ds Max or Maya that is a plus.  If not, must know how to use Blender.  Will be in charge of all model creation. 

- Texture Artist:  Must have a licensed copy of Photoshop and also know how to unwrap textures on a model.

I may end up just using Blender so that the Texture Artist can get that for free.  I feel that textures come out better if the Texture Artist unwraps them rather than the modeler because they know how they want it set up.  If you are a concept artist but not very good with modeling or vice versa, please still apply.  I am willing to break that position into two parts if necessary as the concept artist will have a lot of drawing to do to keep them busy with just that.

Please e-mail me at and let me know which position you would like to apply for.  I will give you a test to determine your level of capability.  More posts will come later as I progress with development.