Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Levels 1 and 3 Complete

I finished Level 1 last week and whipped out Level 3 today. I did the testing on these myself but will still have them tested by others for degree of difficulty. They are being done out of order to fit together in the DMap area. I am holding off on loading these for playtesting just yet so that I get more information on the Overworld first. They will be going up on YouTube tomorrow, however. Here are the two maps:

Level 1 - Croc's Head

Level 3 - Ghost

- VashTS

Friday, October 2, 2009

Zelda SoDak: Overworld

As promised, the Overworld to my Zelda Classic game is complete. Again, I'm sorry if you can't see the pencil lines. I'm going to have some playtesting of the Overworld and may have to make changes if something doesn't flow right. Here are pictures of the grid I made and the finished product:

- VashTS