Saturday, March 14, 2009

Area 52 Progression pt. 4

The quarter is winding down. Everything is due in three days. The level is pretty much complete at this point. Only three items still need to be textured and then a bit more tweaking maybe on lighting. Here is the level currently:

The classic view of the level. Unreal is putting a lot of emphasis on the fact that the box in the lower-right is at an angle for some reason... The hidden doors are in place and you can tell the variation in color. I also added in the plexiglass that is covering the wall of the computer lab. Now players can see inside of this area and also use this section as a sniping position by climbing to the part just above the doorway.

Adam's alien creations in their tubes.

A view of the incubation chambers.

The other tubes. This is one of the areas I may have to brighten up a tad.

The ramp in place. The cables are one of the three items that needs to be textured still. You can see in this pictures (and some in the incubation picture above) that I extended out the catwalk in front of the Domination points. By doing this, and by having the crates where they are, a player is now able to jump throughout the entire level. The ramp section was already designed to do this but I had a request to also have this possible in the central area as well. It also adds a nice touch to the environment.

The computer room. The computer terminal here and some computers in the main area are the other two items that need to be textured. I have rigged three cameras (two of which you can see in the first picture) to show the main area on the computer screens. Two of the images are stationary on the Domination points while the other has a constant pan of the entire laboratory.

I'll keep saying it through the rest of these progression posts, but a huge thanks goes out to Adam Bergstrom and Jessie Brueske for their help. Adam's alien models turned out fantastic and they add a lot to the level by slowly moving in their tubes. Jessie has put a lot of effort into the texture work and it definitely shows. It all goes beyond my expectations. Thanks again!

- VashTS

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