Saturday, October 15, 2011

Succumbed to Temptation

I changed the text.  Read the post below if you don't understand.  I had missed a step, too, when I was talking about the process I had to go through to upload the video to my website.  Audition saves the file at like 34,000 KB which apparently is too big for Flash to handle and so it freezes up.  So once I've adjusted the audio for fades in Audition I have to reload it in MovieMaker and save it again so that the file will only be 12,000 KB.  Here's the new text readout for the first credits screen:
And, just like I predicted, because I went in and fixed this I found another text part wrong.  On the following section, it originally said, "'The Legend of Zelda' and all contents wherein are wholly owned by Nintendo."  At first I thought "contents" should be just "content."  "Contents" is correct, but "wherein" is supposed to be "therein."  I had it this way on my website but everywhere else I was using the wrong word.  So I went in and changed that everywhere as well. 
I went on YouTube and uploaded the newer version with these two changes and also placed it on my website.  My website has the MovieMaker version and YouTube has the Audition version, which is slightly better in terms of audio and visual.  Unfortunately, once you've loaded something to YouTube you can't re-upload a newer version of the video.  You have to delete the video and make a new upload which results in you losing all view numbers and comments.  So things like demo reels, which are constantly updated, shouldn't be loaded to YouTube.  I can see why they do this because without having a moderator check each and every video update it'd be easy for someone to get a lot of views on something and then change the video to something completely different if they wanted.  Fortunately (somewhat), since I loaded the original video to YouTube it had only received 25 views so I'm not missing too much in that department.  19 people have gone to my site and downloaded the game.  Hopefully both of those number will pick up.  Here's the link for the new version of the game trailer:


P.S. - The issue I mentioned in my last post about BlogSpot/Blogger is resolved, too.  The new updated version actually places pictures where they should go and is running awesome.  I'm so glad they listened to my idea.  :P

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