Saturday, October 8, 2011

Must... Resist... Temptation...

I wanted to keep track of how many people download Zelda SoDak from my website so I had to find a piece of code to link with Google Analytics. Once I found it and initialized it, I had to wait for Google Analytics to confirm the code. That officially happened about an hour ago today. I tested the material and saw that my download click was marked in Google Analytics so the only thing left was to post the trailer on YouTube for the masses to see. Unfortunately, as the video was uploading, my OCD kicked in and I noticed something I hadn't before:
In MovieMaker, the "Games" is on the same line as "Armageddon." For some reason, once you create the .WMA file it changes the layout of the text. I had caught this on another scene and fixed it before going through the audio recording segment. No idea why I didn't see this one until now. I really want to fix it because it bugs the daylights out of me but doing that is far more trouble than it's worth. If it were just a simple matter of changing the text size in MovieMaker it would be done but I have to do that and then take the new saved file into Audition to sync the audio. Placing the soundtrack in MovieMaker makes the trailer freeze at the beginning for some strange reason. Plus, chances are I'd catch something else I'd want to fix and end up taking another month just patching the trailer. Unless I'm really bored sometime it's staying as is. Here's a link to my YouTube account:

Also, I might have mentioned this in an earlier post, but Blogger (BlogSpot, whatever) is really annoying when it comes to inserting pictures. The pictures get placed at the top of the post instead of where the cursor is and then when you move it around and readjust everything, even though it looks fine, just like MovieMaker it decides to throw in a ton of extra blank lines for no apparent reason. It takes more time than necessary to fix this.


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