Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Zelda SoDak

I'm starting to piece together my Zelda Quest. I've been drawing the overworld out on graph paper. The border is complete and so are two of the prime sections. I have some other pieces done as well but they aren't really in a "section" yet so to speak (e.g. - Lost Woods, Death Mountain, Kakariko Village, etc.). Once I complete something on the map, I have been placing it into ZQuest. I'm not fretting over secrets, shops, and other things of that nature yet. I know where I will be placing them but I'm not doing it in ZQuest until I have the entire overworld complete. Then these sections will come in followed by the dungeons. The only section I have actually put in is the Badlands maze because otherwise Link will get stuck in a wall.

Here are some comparison screens of the graph map I made and the end product in ZQuest. I have the graph blocked out for each square of the overworld (the dark black lines) and the normal graph squares represent one tile square. This way I know exact dimensions of everything. If you can read the graphs, 'S' means "stone," 'A' means "Armos," and 'T' means "tree." Anyways, here's the photos:

I may have to raise things higher on the bottom of the screen. I'll have to see based on playthroughs later. It won't be that big of a deal, though. These two photos show two of the dungeons. One of hidden in the forest...

In other news, GDC Austin begins in a week. I've had a bug of some kind for the past week because I've been going to bed/waking up with a lot of phlegm and coughing. It has been getting considerably better but I went into the doctor's today and got some pills just so that I'd be completely over it by the time the convention starts. Can't wait!

- VashTS

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