Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Zelda Classic is Rolling

I had started to use a tutorial I found for ZQuest (the Zelda Classic editor) but it stopped in the middle. Then I found the "official" ZQuest tutorial created by AlphaDawg, the winner of Zelda Classic's Third Quest competition. His quest was dubbed the "Third Quest" and was put in with an updated version of Zelda Classic. The tutorial he made still doesn't cover every nook and cranny of ZQuest but it does go through all of the basics you'd need to make a quest in the same fashion as the original two.

A link for AlphaDawg's site is found below:

There were a couple of things I could not figure out while doing his tutorial and the YouTube tutorials of BikdipOnABus helped cover them. The first of his tutorials is linked below:

The only issue I'm having still is the drying up of a pond when you blow the whistle - like in the original game for getting into Level 7 (shown at 40 seconds in below):

I think the animation was taken out of my version and so I'll have to just resort to using a secret combo with no animation.

Head over to my portfolio and check out the end product of the tutorial. There are a few items wrong in it that I found the fixes to the day after making the video (of course). These issues involved the grayscale stairs you see. There was an audio glitch I also encountered which took all of my background music away. I found the fix for that on but the background music you hear in the video I put in manually to sync up using Audition. I'm pleased with the results, glad I won't have to do it again, but also mad that I had to in the first place.

- VashTS

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