Friday, November 15, 2013

The Week of Lull

Since activating the demo version of ArkanPong on Monday, I have put the game aside for the week and focused on updating my website.  Like this blog, it's been two years since a decent update to it.  The primary focus was the resume page and downloadable versions.  These are all up-to-date now.  I have the same issue with the resume page text that I do with Unity itself, though:  Flash screws it up.  If the user's screen resolution is set to the parameters I say during the site load, everything looks great.  However, on a different resolution (1152x864, for example) the font size gets really big and makes rows really wonky.  I am going to have to look into a possible other means to run the website other than Flash so that this does not happen.  I'm sure it's probably possible inside of Flash as well (actually I'm certain it is and it's just a matter of the screen resolutions but this sounds good, too) but the system is getting pretty big.  I could just create more work scenes but if there's a better way I might do that, too.  We will have to see.

I've also been looking into the latest version of Unity - 4.3.  Not only does it work in Flash sites (if I choose to keep mine that way) but it has a 2D developer in it as well - thanks, Randall, for showing me that!  I need to investigate more the pros and cons of a possible upgrade.  All of my systems are set up already and working properly in the 3D space so I think for this game I'd be fine.  However, since ArkanPong is more a training exercise for my next game, it would be beneficial to upgrade. 

Next week I am going to dive back into development, only I will be doing the multiplayer aspect now.  All of the game components and 90% of the script will be from the single-player side so it should hopefully be functional in a week or two.  Then I can start making some demo levels for that side as well.  I'm aiming to have the final demo version out by Christmas or New Year's at the latest.  That's all for now - I'll post again once the multiplayer scripting is complete.

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